Procedures through which services are provided to citizens/businesses

Hiring process for trainers/teachers in All-Day Schools

Purchase of Services from Trainers/Teachers of Pre-primary, Primary, Special Education, at All-Day Compulsory Schools and All-Day Optional Schools

The Department of All- Day Schools launches competition before the end of the school year, to purchase services from:

a) Trainers for All-Day Compulsory Schools and
b) Teachers of Pre-Primary, Primary and Special Education for the All-Day Optional Schools.

Both trainers for All-Day Compulsory Schools and teachers for Pre-Primary, Primary and Special Education All-Day Optional Schools are hired according to specific evaluation procedures/credit system and sign contracts/agreements.

In the Compulsory All-Day Schools, English language lessons and Computer lessons are provided, as well as various subjects of interest such as French, Painting, Theatre, Music, General sport activities, Karate*, Tennis, Table Tennis, Badminton, Tae Kwon Do*, Dance*, Ballet* and Rhythmic Gymnastics*. Both English and Computer lessons and subjects of interest are taught by teaching staff with special qualifications (trainers). The professional teaching staff consists of either teachers having a postgraduate degree or other specialized graduates.

* For trainers of subjects marked with an asterisk a university degree is not compulsory.

As regards the Optional All-day Schools, the morning curriculum and timetable operates according to the regulations of primary/Pre-Primary/special schools respectively. The afternoon program includes various activities, such as supervised homework, individual support for children with learning difficulties, creative work on topics of interest and educational, artistic and sport activities.

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