The Office for European and International Affairs ( GEDY ) was established at the Ministry of Education and Culture (MOEC ) on September 1st 2009 and its mission is to contribute to the effective and creative participation of the Ministry of Education and Culture in European and international affairs . Through the monitoring of issues arising from international agreements of the Republic of Cyprus , as well as its participation in the European Union and other international organizations , GEDY aims :

  • to facilitate the prompt , adequate and effective action of the Ministry of Education and Culture , and
  • to maximize the benefits to Cyprus in the fields of education , culture , youth and sport

To achieve the above-mentioned aims, GEDY cooperates closely with all Directorates and Departments of MOEC; the embassies of the Republic of Cyprus abroad, the Permanent Representation of Cyprus in Brussels, Strasbourg , Geneva and elsewhere; the Cyprus Sports Organisation , the Cyprus Youth Board and other Government Departments.
In general, GEDY plays a pivotal role in the continuous improvement of internal coordination within the MOEC, and the MOECs coordination with other government departments and non- governmental organizations in Cyprus and abroad.

The activities of GEDY include :
  • Organisation of regular meetings to inform and coordinate the action of relevant bodies , persons and services in relation to the participation of MOEC in the EU Council
  • Coordination of interdepartmental committees and regular updating of Directorates and Services of MOEC and cooperating organisations for European and international issues .
  • Organization of the official visits of the Minister of Education and Culture abroad and the reception of foreign dignitaries in Cyprus.
  • Preparation and implementation of international agreements.
  • Submission of proposals for formulating policy positions and implementing relevant actions.
  • Preparation of reports and official documents on behalf of the Ministry of Education and Culture.
  • Implementation of programs resulting from the international / European cooperation.
  • Organisation of professional development activities for officers in relation to European policies and the use funding programmes.

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