Citizens Information Service

Procedures through which services are provided to citizens/businesses

Pre-Primary Education
Starting age for Pre-Primary School (Compulsory Education and Pre-Primary class)
Pupils’ registration/transfer in Public Pre-Primary Schools
(ages 4 8/12 and above)
Registration of pupils aged 3 - 4 8/12 years old in Public Pre-Primary schools

Primary Education
Starting age for Primary School
Pupils’ registration/ transfer in Public Primary Schools
Hiring Process for Primary School Secretarial Staff

Special Education
Submission of a written request from parents/guardians to obtain copies from their children’s personal files, kept in confidential records in the Office of the District Committee of Special Education
Submission of a written request from parents/guardians of children with special needs for continuation (extension) of their attendance at Special Schools
Referral of a child to the District Committee for Special Education and Training for the evaluation of his/her needs
Recruitment Process of Care Assistants for children with special needs

Private Education
Guidelines for Establishing and Operating Private Primary Schools, Private Pre-Primary schools and Community Pre-Primary Schools

Adult Education Centres
Operating Procedures for Adult Education Centres
Registration Procedure (individuals who wish to attend classes) for the Adult Education Centres

All-Day School
General information about All-Day Schools
Operation of All-Day Optional Schools
Hiring process for trainers/teachers in All-Day Schools

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